Our Mission

To enable local energy users to access low carbon energy at scale in a way that is affordable, fair and breaks down social barriers.

About us

Power Circle are a social enterprise dedicated to supporting social housing providers, private house owners, communities, and the private sector access affordable, low carbon energy by helping them establish smart, local energy systems. 

What we do

Power Circle have developed a unique business model through which we can design, develop and manage smart local energy systems with or on behalf of our clients.  We can:

  • Identify good onsite and local energy opportunities.
  • Develop project structures that meet clients available funding and risk appetite.
  • Structure funding for projects.
  • Provide project development, management, option appraisal and business case preparation expertise for both client-owned and third party funded projects.

As a non-licenced Energy Service Company (ESCo) Power Circle can own, part own or operate smart, local energy systems on behalf of our clients enabling them to obtain the benefits that local energy systems provide to householders, without necessarily needing the funding, resource, knowledge or expertise necessary to set up and run these systems. As a social enterprise we are committed to being a trusted partner ensuring the benefits to the tenants are optimised. 

What is a smart local energy system

The development of smart technology enables energy generating and storage systems to be linked within a community either physically or virtually to form a local energy system. The local energy system provides energy to the local community while excess energy can provide services to the main grid by moving energy backwards and forwards between the local and main energy systems which helps to balance the grid and also generates income in the process.     

Funding & Ownership structures

Our aim is to make projects happen and overcome any barriers in terms of ownership and funding.  For social landlords in particular there can be many barriers to developing local energy system.  These include lack of capital, lack of skills or desire to own or operate energy service companies to manage local networks and concerns over risk. 

Power Circle evaluate the issues for each individual client, assess risk and build solutions that meet the client’s risk appetite.  Power Circle can help clients access funding or can fund and operate local energy systems on the clients behalf. 

Our focus is on providing bespoke, client focussed solutions and we are always happy to explore options through an initial conversation.  Please get in touch. 

Our Solutions

Social Landlords
We understand that for social landlords the aim is to enable tenants to live a low carbon lifestyle in a way that is affordable.

Community Groups
Our aim is to work with community groups to help develop schemes that maximise the benefits to the local community. 

Private Home Owners
Are you a private house owner and want to reduce your energy use and carbon footprint but you cant afford to install renewable energy systems?  Our solar circle model is designed for you.

Property Managers & Businesses
Property and facilities managers are progressively under pressure to demonstrate how they will move to net zero and to consider how renewable energy solutions will help to achieve this. 

Consultancy Services

We are able to provide wide ranging consultancy services in relation to the development of smart local energy systems or renewable energy solutions for individual buildings or portfolio’s of buildings.  We can provide:

  • Business cases for installation of renewable technology
  • Advise on the suitability of different renewables their capital costs and paybacks.
  • How to optimise benefits of renewables through linking assets, determining the role of storage and how renewables may work across different assets.
  • Advice on tariff structures to enable you to get the most out of your renewable generation capacity.
  • Advice on grid connections and support in negotiating with the DNO’s.