Social Landlords

Social Landlords

We understand that for social landlords the aim is to enable tenants to live a low carbon lifestyle in a way that is affordable and to ensure that high energy costs are not a major contributor to fuel poverty.  We can work with social landlords to develop local energy schemes for both new build and retrofit that will significantly increase affordability for tenants and reduce carbon and in the case of new build enable the development of climate positive homes.  Our solutions are developed to suit individual situations. But all involve establishing local energy systems that incorporate generating assets and storage that are linked either via private wire or virtually to form “local mini-grids”.     These are then set up to trade with the main grid by providing grid services.  The local energy systems are operated by a local energy service company.    

Power Circle works with social landlords to overcome barriers such as lack of funding, knowledge or expertise.   We can help social landlords access funding and set up local energy companies which can be owned or operated by the social landlord or by ourselves on  their behalf.  As a social enterprise our aim is to ensure a sound business case that optimises the benefit to tenants.

SHED Framework

We are suppliers on Procurement for Housing’s Social Housing Emerging Disruptors (SHED) framework. If you are a public body or charity anywhere in the UK this provides a simple way to contract with us to develop smart energy systems for new or existing housing.

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About our SHED offering
About SHED

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