Property facilities managers & businesses

Property managers & businesses

Property and facilities managers are progressively under pressure to demonstrate how they will move to net zero and to consider how renewable energy solutions will help to achieve this.  Rather than simply considering building-specific solutions, Power Circle looks at the potential solutions within the context of an organisation’s total assets and the potential to work across assets.  All solutions incorporate  energy storage and link assets together to form local energy systems such as virtual power plants.  This approach enables asset owners to optimise the use of energy generated and draw energy from the grid when tariffs are low.  Income can also be generated through the provision of grid services.    

SHED Framework

We are suppliers on Procurement for Housing’s Social Housing Emerging Disruptors (SHED) framework. If you are a public body or charity anywhere in the UK this provides a simple way to contract with us to develop smart energy systems for new or existing buildings of any type.

Note: while the SHED framework is focused mainly on social housing, it can be used for projects on any building type, housing or non-housing, where our customer is a public body or charity anywhere in the UK.  

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