A new approach to the circular energy economy

A new approach to the circular energy economy was a joint presentation Power Circle and Connected Response presentation for Circular Economy Week 1st–5th June 2020

The webinar introduces the Power Circle social esco/social virtual power plant business model. Power Circle uses a social business model to enable a just transition to a climate positive circular economy.

As an example of one project type, the webinar provides information on projects currently underway with two London local authorities to repurpose existing electric storage heaters as part of a new smart local energy system which cuts energy costs for tenants, improves comfort levels, saves money and CO2 for the Council and avoids having to jettison large numbers of existing heaters. These projects are being undertaken by Power Circle technology partner Connected Response.

The webinar explains how these Connected Response projects can be replicated and how they, and other local energy projects (housing and non-housing), can be taken to scale and funded via the Power Circle model.